Basic &
Advanced Excel


Microsoft Office

Basic & Advanced Excel Training Syllabus

  •        Introduction
  •        Basic Calculations
  •        Microsoft Office Button
  •        Using worksheets effectively
  •        Formatting text and numbers
  •        Saving Excel 2007 files
  •        Saving an Excel file as a PDF file
  •        Inbuilt Functions
  •        Sort Function
  •        More on sort data
  •        Formatting data as tables
  •        Absolute and relative cell reference
  •        Page layout and print preview
  •        Priting: display gridlines
  •        Condtional Formatting
  •        Charts
  •        Text to columns
  •        Autofilter
  •        Library functions use
  •        How to avoid auto hyperlinks
  •        Fill data across worksheets
  •        How to use comments
  •        How to remove duplicates
  •        Template based workbook
  •        Themes and smartart diagrams
  •        ‘IF’ function
  •        Countif
  •        Nested IF functions
  •        Advanced filter
  •        Named ranges
  •        Subtotals
  •        Formatting in-cell graphs(conditional format)
  •        Data validation
  •        Custom Data Validation
  •        Pivot Tables
  •        Vlookup/Hlookup
  •        Absolute range calculations
  •        Goal Seek
  •        Get external data – text files
  •        Import data from databases
  •        Import data from an Excel file
  •        Array Formulas
  •        Calculations in Word
  •        Data tables and sensitivity analysis
  •        Printing: Repeat specific rows
  •        Excel Help – Vlookup
  •        How to use comments
  •        Convert function
  •        Factorials
  •        Using 3-D references
  •        Consolidate data
  •        RANK function
  •        Named ranges use
  •        Advanced filter – unique records
  •        Highlighting duplicates
  •        Database functions
  •        Data Analysis and Vlookup
  •        Vlookup using lists
  •        Data Analysis and Hlookup
  •        Left Lookups: Overcome limitations of Vlookup
  •        Lookup functions – nested functions
  •        Work with Excel data containing blank rows
  •        Lookup function
  •        Highlight blank cells
  •        Compound interest calculations using user form
  •        How to copy a Word table into Excel
  •        Insert a watermark
  •        How to draw in Excel
  •        CHOOSE function
  •        SUBSTITUTE function
  •        Data Analysis and MATCH function
  •        Max, Match, Vlookup and LARGE functions
  •        Breakeven analysis using Goalseek
  •        Staff scheduling with Solver
  •        How to avoid duplicate entries
  •        Data validation, Named Ranges, Indirect Function
  •        Trim function
  •        Text functions
  •        Link an Excel worksheet to Word
  •        Keyboard shortcuts
  •        Manage Inventory
  •        Accessing data from another workbook
  •        Sumif&S – multiple criteria
  •        Average if &S
  •        Countif&s
  •        “D”sum ,average,min,max,count
  •        Sum product
  •         Is error,Iferror
  •        Vlookup with iferror
  •        If,Istext with using Vlookup
  •        Integrated with vlookup,match
  •        Integrated with vlookup,columns
  •        Data entry only into specific cells
  •        MS-Access Table using MS-Excel data

Our Excel Trainer Profile

Mr, Yogendar Palli is an outstanding Faculty Member with expertise and having 9+ years of experience at Excel Training in Hyderabad , Bangaluru and other areas in India. His inputs and efforts always prospective to the IT learners and aspirants as he is one of the Best trainers in India. He has enthusiasm to chisel the students from the point of view of career options according to current scenario. His portfolio always encouraging and inspiring. His high spirited commitment so beneficial to the learners as well as to the organizations.

He can be a Mentor to the students to have better prospects at their relative spheres, worked as a Trainer, Chief Coordinator and Technical Adviser at various esteemed Institutes and Organizations. He has vast experience and enriched skills in Micro soft Office, Advanced Excel, Tally ERP 9. Making Project Reports, conducting TOT trainings , Convening Assessment exams and coordinating Outsourcing Projects are some of his exclusives . He paid his valuable services to Prism Educational Society as a Senior Faculty and Project Manager.

Microsoft Excel training in hyderabad has become an important program for any business – whether it be in the financial or creative industry. Because it can be used for so many things, most verticals have adopted it’s easy-to-use technology. From basic organizing products in cells that line up neatly to creating pie charts and graphs by using complicated formulas, Excel can be used for pretty much anything.

If you are unfamiliar with this program, imagine your shock when you enter a new job and are expected to know it like the back of your hand. Luckily, there are plenty of educated teachers out there who are masters of Excel and will be able to help you learn the basics and then move on to more complicated matters.

Once you learn the basic functions of Excel training in hyderabad, you can then move on to mastering the more complicated techniques such as creating graphs and charts, pivot tables and more. Although it might seem a little overwhelming at first, it is actually a very intuitive program. Once you get a hang of the basics, it becomes easier and easier each day. Especially since you tend to repeat similar steps or functions on a daily basis, they begin to become ingrained in your head.

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